Areas of Difficulty

first psychotic episode

dual diagnosis

bipolar disorder


schizoffective disorder

depressive episode

anxiety and panic disorder

learning disabilities

interpersonal relationships and social skills

issues with self esteem

maintaining recovery from addiction

post-traumatic stress



Young adults who are not an immiment danger to self, others, or to physical property.  They are able to ask for help when feeling at risk of becoming dangerous in any way.




Four Winds West is a voluntary program  and the young adult should be interested in making changes in his or her life.  In addition to the requirement of 20 hours per week of school, volunteer work or paid employemnt, the young adult must be willing to participate in all of the

on-site weekly individual and group therapies, and follow the rules of the program.

Level of Functioning

The young adult must be able to take public transportation or drive a car, prepare simple meals, participate in chores, manage emotions and impulses so as not to represent a danger to self or others.  He/she would ask for help, be willing to take prescribed medication and participate in a 20 hour per week structured activity in the local community. 

If you are interested in applying to Four Winds West please contact us by phone or email so we can discuss if our program is right for you.

After the initial phone conversation, you can schedule a tour or on site interview, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our program.

Admissions Process

Contact Us


The following guidelines are intended to assist you in evaluating the appropriateness of our program:

15 Oak Tree Lane

Fairfax, CA 94930

phone:  415.454.6545

fax:        415.721.7286


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